The best treatment for prostatitis

Nowadays, prostatitis is one of the most common urological diseases. There are many reasons for this disease, either bacterial infection or improper lifestyle.

In order to get rid of discomfort and overcome prostatitis, a comprehensive treatment is needed. Therefore, in the initial symptoms of the disease, special drugs for prostatitis need to be prescribed. This article will review all the effective drugs on the modern market.

The doctor prescribed medicine for prostatitis

It is important to emphasize that the disease presented is often confused with prostate adenoma. Although the root cause and course of the disease are similar, the treatment may be different.

First symptoms

The onset of prostatitis is accompanied by discomfort and pain during urination. The need to go to the toilet at night is also increasing. In the genitals, the perineum also has pain and dull pain. Moreover, this sensation may occur during bowel movements. The patient's body temperature rises, the urine becomes cloudy, and secretions appear in the morning.

Don't be indifferent to the symptoms of prostatitis, as this will only make your condition worse. The results may be the most frightening: infertility, inflammation of the internal organs. Therefore, please contact your doctor for the first signs of illness. The symptoms of prostatitis are similar to those of similar complex diseases: cystitis, bladder cancer, prostate tumors.


After studying the course and stage of the disease, urologists usually prescribe the following:

  • Rectal suppositories. They help to improve metabolism;
  • injection. Increase the penetration of drugs, strengthen the immune system and vascular system;
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. They can prevent the occurrence and development of inflammatory processes.
  • Drip. The urologist injects the medicine directly into the sore;
  • Microcells. This treatment is considered traditional. The temperature effect is based on the amount of decoction and herbal medicine injected. This method should only be tested before going to bed to make the prostate warm and relax;
  • Antibacterial drugs with a wide range of effects are usually used. This method is most effective for uncertain sources of infection.
  • Alpha blocker. Such drugs block receptors in the nervous system and provide analgesic effects.

The presented drugs have similarities and differences, and are individually selected for each patient. According to certain characteristics of the course of the disease, the exact remedy that a competent expert will prescribe for you will bring you the greatest benefit.

A man chooses drugs to treat prostatitis


If the disease-causing bacteria are the pathogen of prostatitis, antibiotics should be prescribed. In most cases, drugs with a wide range of effects are used. This is necessary in order to destroy the entire pathogenic environment.

Antibiotic drugs are divided into three types:

  • Fluoroquinolol.
  • tetracycline.
  • Penicillamine.

The course of treatment may include rectal suppositories. They are excellent analgesics and antibacterial agents. Injections are excellent because they can penetrate deep into the tissues. They also stimulate the immune system and improve blood circulation.

Rescue the painful

This drug has brought relief to many patients. But it is worth remembering that the required dose is only prescribed by the doctor.

Alpha Blocker

These drugs help relax the urethra and bladder, thereby improving urine flow. The drug is taken once a day, and the dosage is determined by the urologist. This group of drugs cannot treat prostatitis, but can only relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

Muscle relaxants

These drugs also eliminate the discomfort, but are already in the perineum, thereby reducing the tone, pressure and pain in the groin area.

Means to improve blood circulation

Disorders of blood circulation interfere with tissue regeneration and can also cause congestion. Therefore, in the treatment of prostatitis, this group of drugs must be included in the drug complex.

Chamomile tea for prostatitis

Herbal medicine

Herbs are made from natural ingredients-herbs. They perfectly relieve the swelling of the prostate, reduce the stagnation process, eliminate inflammation, and normalize the flow of fluid from the urethra. Medicines made from sa sunflower, pumpkin seeds and creep palm are famous for their special effects.


In the process of any disease, the immune system is the first to bear the brunt. Therefore, taking vitamins during this period is absolutely necessary. In chronic prostatitis, the immune system is under special pressure from the disease, so it is very important to add vitamin complexes in the treatment process.

Special treatment for prostatitis

You can't find the only medicine for prostatitis that is suitable for anyone. This is because the cause of the disease may be different. The attending physician will examine the patient before starting treatment.

Although there are many kinds of medicines for treating prostatitis, you cannot start taking them by yourself. Be sure to consult your healthcare professional. It is he who will choose the necessary and effective treatment for your disease stage.