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If you need to buy products that can relieve prostatitis, then Prostaline is the ideal choice. You can get Prostaline capsules on our official website. In France, the price of the drug is 49€. A 50% discount is provided to all users, so natural prostatitis treatment is not only effective, but also economically beneficial.

Healthy prostate and prostatitis

Prostaglandin is an innovative method to treat prostatitis in a natural way. The uniqueness and effectiveness of using it have been proven in numerous studies.

Prostaline is produced by the manufacturer in white and blue cardboard boxes. There is a plastic bottle with a capsule inside, and there are instructions on the paper. All white opaque tablets, 30 mg each.
Country of origin-France.

The composition of prostaglandin capsules

There are 3 main ingredients used to make capsules:

In order to enhance the efficacy of the drug, it contains the following organic ingredients:

It is worth noting that the ingredients of food supplements will not interact with antibiotics or antiviral drugs.

Effect on prostate

The effect of prostaglandin capsules on prostate

There are many reasons for buying drugs, because they have a wide range of effects:

  1. Natural treatment of prostatitis
  2. Relieve pain syndrome
  3. Inhibition of harmful microorganisms in the microbial community
  4. Remove excess liquid
  5. Relieve pain.
  6. Normal urination
  7. Improve sex life
  8. Reduce the risk of tumors
  9. Fast and effective treatment of prostatitis

Eliminating the main symptoms can cause other pleasant side effects of the drug. During the treatment of the prostate, the person's sleep will return to normal because the constant feeling of incomplete emptying disappears. In the same way, a person's happiness is improved and strength is increased.

Prostaglandin capsule price

Compared with the price of similar products from competitors, the cost of prostaglandin is relatively low. You can buy 20 capsules at the price of 49€ — what is the price in another country.

Benefits of capsules

The use of capsules in the treatment of genitourinary system diseases has many obvious advantages:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Few drug contraindications.
  3. Quick effect.
  4. lacks obvious side effects.
  5. High drug absorption rate.

The effectiveness of Prostaline has been proven in practice. In 2021, the drug was clinically tested in Lallah Nursing Home to determine its characteristics of action. The subject is a man aged between 38 and 74 years with a definite disease-chronic prostatitis.

Divide patients into 2 groups. Patients in category 1 receive conventional medication, and patients in category 2 receive Prostaline treatment. As a result, the following summary data is displayed:

Chronic prostate symptoms Use pharmacies to cure patients Patients treated with prostaglandin
Reduce prostate size to normal 9% 89%
No deterioration 35% 98%
Normal urination 57% 97%
relieve pain and burning sensation 56% 100%
Reduce the number of impulses 28% 98%

This proves that more obvious results can be obtained with this drug compared to similar drugs introduced in the drug.

Prostaline is a clinically proven anti-prostatic treatment drug. In France, you can order capsules at low prices on our official website.

Doctor's review

Doctor Urologist Pierre Pierre
17 years
For several years, I have been using Prostaline to treat patients with various forms of prostate. They cannot be purchased in France, but you can order them at any time on the official website. The drug never fails. After half a month of treatment, many people have experienced positive changes. I am very happy that the capsule has almost no side effects and limitations. This allows it to be prescribed to many patients facing prostatitis.