Experience of use Prostaline

I want to share my experience on Prostaline, how to use it and what I hope for the future. The review will be as detailed as possible so that everyone can draw their own conclusions.

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About my prostate problem

The problem arose after having a relationship with a girl years ago. After 3 weeks, there was discomfort. I didn't pay attention, but a few days later there were many various symptoms:

  1. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  2. Increased body temperature.
  3. Decreased effectiveness.
  4. Weak flow when urinating.
  5. Painful urination regularly.
  6. Pain in the perineum.

This is unbearable. I went to see the doctor. He recommended the use of the drug Prostaline.

Packaging and delivery methods of prostaglandins

The packaging feels pleasant. Beautiful and stylish white and blue design. Plastic bottle with lid. The drugs themselves are not compelling. The regular large white capsule is in the membrane shell. Did not try to bite down. The smell is a bit sweet. This may be due to the abundance of natural ingredients in the composition.

20 pieces per pack. I was immediately told to buy 2-3 packs because the treatment process would last a long time.


The doctor strongly recommends that you exclude fatty foods from your diet and minimize alcohol content before using the drug. When asked if he could not do this, he said no.

Upset. It is a drug that involves the entire treatment process, but the actual situation has yet to be resolved. I also strongly recommend that you follow this rule. If you are not preparing your body, mixing the tablet with something will only exacerbate the situation.

Feeling of application

I was asked to take the medicine once a day after meals. For better absorption, it is recommended to drink with water. So he did it. Please read the instructions and all instructions before use. It is nothing special. Only allergic reactions will occur, but nothing happens. No rash, no redness, no vomiting.

The initial positive changes were discovered a few days after the application. The number of times I get up to go to the toilet at night has started to decrease. In a few days, the pain in the lower abdomen will be relieved. The pain of the ovaries is also reduced.

One month after starting treatment, normal male performance has been fully restored.

Output after using Prostaline

Prostaglandin is a very resistant weapon against prostatitis. It helped me. There were no complaints about the application, and the results were noticed a few days later.

This drug has only left a positive impression on me, so I can confidently recommend Prostaline to all men to treat prostatitis.