Prostatitis: symptoms and treatment at home

Today, there are many diseases that affect men. However, capable people often try to remain silent about their illnesses, and in most cases, they will allow themselves to drift.

Prostatitis is one of those problems that requires urgent intervention, proper consultation and prompt treatment. Otherwise, it will bring irreparable consequences, which will affect the entire body.

Prostatitis specialist consultation

Causes of prostatitis

The development of prostatitis begins when the infection enters the prostate, which can cause metabolic disorders. There are many reasons for this disease, let us try to highlight the main reasons:

  1. Violation of blood circulation, leading to enlarged prostate. But a sedentary lifestyle, including the problem of overweight, can lead to circulatory diseases.
  2. Infectious lesions caused by diseases such as urethritis or gonorrhea. In rare cases, even a sore throat, tuberculosis or flu can cause prostatitis.
  3. Unprotected sex can cause inflammation of the prostate.
  4. Due to various injuries to the pelvic organs. Initially, the blood circulation is compromised, and as a result, the disease itself has developed;
  5. Regular hypothermia, chronic diseases related to the body's genitourinary system, hormonal imbalance or irregular urination;
  6. If a person is sedentary and hardly engages in any physical activity, then this will affect the work of the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. Due to this phenomenon, the blood circulation in the pelvic organs slows down and the growth of pathogenic bacteria increases.
  7. A sedentary lifestyle becomes the cause of the development of prostatitis
  8. Secondary infections can lead to infections found in the urethra or rectum;
  9. Susceptibility to prostatitis can lead to chronic constipation. Irregular bowel movements can sometimes lead to prostate infection.
  10. Weak immunity, causing infections to easily enter and take root in the body;
  11. Past STDs or urological infections often cause prostatitis.

Types and symptoms of male prostatitis

There are 4 main types of prostatitis in men:

  • Acute form-rarely seen. The reason for this type is infection caused by the presence of bacterial infections. The acute form is very difficult and painful. Among the main symptoms, special attention should be paid to fever, acute pain, and general weakness. At this stage, you need to see a doctor immediately, otherwise it may cause serious complications;
  • Chronic bacterial form-In most cases, E. coli becomes its cause. The symptomology is a bit similar to acute disease, but the disease progresses slowly now.
  • Chronic form-Accompanied by pain for several months, but no pathogens occurred when the test passed;
  • Asymptomatic form-Actually there is no physical sign, but it is confirmed by a doctor after examination.
Normal and enlarged prostate with prostatitis

In most cases, the manifestations of this disease start from the fact that a man will feel unpleasant for a day, including:

  1. Severe pain in the lower abdomen. They can either appear during urination or they can be permanent.
  2. Perineal pain;
  3. Severe pain in the scrotum;
  4. The time of sexual intercourse is significantly shortened;
  5. Erection does not occur spontaneously in the morning or evening.

Disease diagnosis

If a man finds any signs listed on his body, then you should seek expert help immediately.

The problem is, the sooner the correct diagnosis is made, the sooner the treatment will begin, and the disease itself will become easier.

The diagnosis of the disease is carried out in several stages:

Laboratory diagnosis of prostatitis
  • The expert must analyze the main complaint of the patient and carefully study the symptoms;
  • If prostatitis does not have an acute form, then prostate secretion analysis should be performed. Otherwise, it is impossible, because it will be accompanied by a strong sense of pain.
  • An ultrasound examination may be required to confirm the analysis results;
  • Various analyses of urine and blood.

You should also pay attention to the fact that certain diseases occur in potential forms. Due to the lack of symptoms, it is almost impossible to detect the problem in time.

This leads to the fact that the disease becomes chronic. According to statistics, only 25% of men will check urologists regularly. All others have 100% confidence in their impeccable health.

Home treatment of prostatitis

In almost all cases of prostatitis treatment, prostate massage must be performed. This is not a pleasant process, some people even think it is humiliating.

But only a doctor can be sure that this is one of the most effective methods. This kind of massage can be carried out either in the hospital or at home. This is only for the house, you need special equipment.

Taking drugs for prostatitis

Without medication, the treatment of any form of disease is incomplete. It is common for experts to prescribe antibiotics, which can cause objections from patients. Why is this phenomenon observed?

The fact is that many people just worry about the possible consequences of these drugs. That's it, but you need to remember that prostatitis is an inflammatory process, and its cause is sometimes impossible to eliminate.

Therefore, it is not advisable to reject them. It is important here that experts should prescribe this or this drug after studying the test results and the form of the disease in advance.

Before the research results are prepared, treatment should be based on taking anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers, or other drugs.

Don't forget that in the process of using antibiotics, it is recommended to drink probiotics. Therefore, you can warn yourself to avoid malnutrition or other undesirable consequences.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine plays an important role in the treatment of prostatitis. However, you should not let them play the leading role. Any herbs and infusions should be supplemented with a comprehensive treatment, not its foundation. The most popular treatments are:

Pumpkin seeds are used to treat prostatitis
  1. When preparing your next infusion, you will need herbs: parsley, juniper, fennel, licorice and chamomile. Take equal proportions of them and fill with ½ liter of boiling water. Let the broth infuse for a few hours, then drink half a cup before three meals a day. If necessary, add some honey;
  2. Take the following herbs in equal amounts: nettle, arrow grass, fennel (fruit), horsetail. Pour boiling water on them, let them infuse for 3 hours, and then half a cup twice a day.
  3. pumpkin seeds. In a meat grinder, twist half a kilogram of freshly peeled pumpkin seeds into a ball. Then mix them with 200 grams of honey. Mix everything thoroughly, then roll into small balls. They should not exceed the size of hazelnuts. It is best to store such balls in the refrigerator. But you need to eat them half an hour before meals, up to two times a day.

Comments on folk remedies for prostatitis

  • Testimony from a 46-year-old man: "Just two years ago, I was diagnosed with this unpleasant disease. This pain is sometimes unbearable. In addition to taking medication, it is recommended that I also receive traditional treatments. The medication lasted for about a month. Fortunately, there were no signs of recurrence of prostatitis for two years. "
  • Comment from a 35-year-old man: "I suffer from chronic prostatitis. In folk remedies, I believe in the infusion of pumpkin seeds and nettles. The treatment requires patience, but the results are quite effective. "

How to treat chronic prostatitis

Prostatitis campaign

It should be remembered that absolutely any treatment should be comprehensive. And you should not disturb him under any circumstances.

In addition to prescription drugs, physical therapy procedures and physical therapy exercises should also remain mandatory. The appointment of treatment should always be individualized and should take into account the results of expert examinations and examinations.

Sometimes, for chronic prostatitis, hyperthermia is prescribed. During this process, the prostate will heat up to 45 degrees.

Likewise, an important role in this form is assigned to the massage procedure, which is considered to be one of the most effective methods.

Exacerbation of chronic prostatitis: signs of what to do

The following signs will indicate worsening of chronic form of prostatitis:

  1. Frequent urination, accompanied by severe pain. In addition, you may have the wrong impulse to go to the toilet, and sometimes lower abdomen pain will continue;
  2. The erection becomes very weak and may be observed to disappear completely over time.
  3. Lack of orgasm.
Doctor consultation for prostatitis symptoms

In addition to the main symptoms, you can also notice increased nervousness and decreased happiness. If you have aggravated prostatitis, you need to take the following measures immediately:

  1. Seek expert advice. This operation must be performed when at least one of the above symptoms occurs. During the visit, you will pass all necessary tests and prescribe the correct treatment method based on these tests;
  2. Eat a healthy diet. Eliminate fried foods, salty, alcohol, sour fruits and strong coffee or tea in your diet. Prioritize protein foods and vitamins;
  3. Temporarily restricted payment. This must be done so as not to aggravate the condition.
  4. Do exercises to improve blood circulation in the body.


What happens if prostatitis is not treated?

Neglecting the treatment of prostatitis can cause the most serious problems. Initially, it will have a chronic form before it may cause diseases such as cystitis, prostate adenoma, vesicular inflammation or pyelonephritis. The most terrible consequences are impotence and complete infertility.

Can prostatitis be treated with herbal medicine?

This treatment is not excluded. The best helper here can be extracts of St. John's Wort, Licorice, and Echinacea. You can also buy candles that contain one of these herbs.

Is it necessary to perform chronic prostate rectal massage?

As practice shows, most clinics abroad have abandoned this procedure and prefer physical therapy. This kind of massage may cause some discomfort, but the disadvantage is that it can only be used in conjunction with the lower part of the prostate. However, despite this, there are still more experts using this treatment.


If you already have chronic prostatitis, all preventive measures should aim to not exacerbate prostatitis.

Proactive lifestyle prevents prostatitis

This is why try to abandon the following actions or reduce them to a minimum:

  1. Alcoholic drinks. Of course, this does not mean that they need to be completely excluded from the diet. If you drink a little red wine, it won't cause you any harm, but that doesn't mean you should put it in a bottle.
  2. Smoking. The fact is that due to insufficient blood supply, the prostate often suffers from hypoxia. Tobacco smoke causes vasospasm and therefore affects blood circulation even more severely.
  3. Start an active lifestyle;
  4. Stressful situation. Try not to focus on the problem for a long time, and do not "store" unnecessary temples in your mind. Spend more time with your family, this should be the best antidepressant;
  5. Try to avoid hypothermia. If you drive by yourself, make sure that the seat is heated;
  6. Remember, regular physical exercise will not cause more damage than a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, everything should be kept in moderation.
  7. Pumpkin seeds, nuts, garlic, honey, plums and other products can prevent diseases well;
  8. Start a contrast shower, especially recommended before sexual intercourse;
  9. Try to establish a sex life and avoid incomplete intercourse;
  10. Try to eat correctly and cut out a variety of preserved foods, including ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.

Finally, I want to point out that any treatment for prostatitis should be systemic and can only be started with expert advice. Considering the serious consequences it may bring, please don't let it go.