Preventing Prostatitis in Men at Home: Medications and Exercise

Prostatitis develops after the age of 40, sometimes 30, when a man is most active at work and at home, and a decrease in potency can seriously damage his self-confidence, not only in love, but in all areas of life. Prostatitis itself is not contagious, but one of the reasons for this is that sexually transmitted infections can spread to the patient's sexual partners.

main reason

pain in patients with prostatitis

There are several factors that can contribute to the development of prostatitis and lead to decreased potency:

  • stagnated in the prostate. This is one of the main causes of prostatitis. Irregular or messy sex can lead to the secret of stagnant Qi, while a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity can lead to stagnant blood. The result of both processes is the same - swelling of the prostate, increased pressure, and violation of its functions (secretion production and ejaculation regulation).
  • The temperature conditions of the external reproductive organs are not comfortable. Overheating and hypothermia can adversely affect men's health, as can tight underwear and uncomfortable pants. All of these reduce sperm motility.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections. This is another danger of disordered sex life. Infection on the background of prostate congestion can lead to inflammation, sometimes with serious consequences.


The prevention of prostatitis in men should begin in childhood, developing boys' hygiene skills and the ability to choose appropriate underwear and dress according to the weather. These points will make you less susceptible to harmful effects on your prostate in the future.

In young and adult men, prostatitis prevention includes regular sex, preferably with the same partner, physical activity, and a healthy diet. It's important to be regularly tested for STIs and treated on time, especially if men often have unprotected sex. It should not be protected by methods of interrupting intercourse - this causes the prostate to stop secreting and is far from the most reliable method of birth control.

There are special exercises to prevent prostatitis, which are very simple, and most of them can be done without getting up from a chair. The essence of these exercises is to tighten and relax different muscle groups in the perineum, thereby removing bruising from the prostate and other organs of the small pelvis. Hiking, running, squats, sports games (football, volleyball, basketball) are also useful in winter - skiing and skating.

Running to prevent prostatitis

Medications used to increase potency, such as the well-known Viagra, can also be considered to prevent prostatitis in men, but only if the dosage is strictly adhered to. Conversely, overdose, and the use of Viagra without subsequent intercourse, can lead to stagnant prostate secretion and increase the risk of prostatitis. The drugs used to prevent prostatitis and enhance the efficacy of drugs in China have the status of dietary supplements, that is, they are not drugs and do not require certification. These include domestic products such as Men Support and Prost Plus, American drugs So Palmetto and Pro Formula, and more.

In order to prevent acute prostatitis from becoming chronic, it is important to promptly and thoroughly cure sexually transmitted infections, avoid unprotected intercourse with casual sexual partners, and promptly treat acute prostatitis.


If prostatitis is diagnosed, it should be treated as soon as possible, because acute prostatitis is not cured in time and tends to become chronic. To do this, use the medicine provided in the tablet. In addition, rectal suppositories are used - they relieve the inflammation of acute prostatitis or the exacerbation of chronic prostatitis, reduce the swelling of the prostate due to congestion, anesthetize the surrounding tissue and help the fastest delivery of active substances to the prostate through the wall. rectum. You can take it as prescribed by your doctor, even at home.

Transrectal prostate massage is also used to treat and prevent prostatitis. The simplest method is the digital method, where the lower lobe of the prostate is identified by palpation while the index or middle finger is inserted into the rectum in a glove lubricated with a special water-based lubricant, and several times of strong pressure is applied. The upper part of the gland is not affected during massage. Due to the inconvenience of the finger method and the disgust associated with it, there are simulators for prostate massage.

Do not lose the value and exercise of preventing prostatitis, they speed up the treatment process and also prevent chronic prostatitis, which can occur in acute prostatitis that has not been fully cured.

Treating prostatitis at home requires a healthy diet—fiber-rich vegetables, lean meats and fish, plenty of fluids, and limiting alcohol, especially beer. Moderate physical activity and regular sexual activity are desirable. Use Folk Remedy: Absorb balls from pumpkin seeds and honey, elderberry juice, decoction of hazel leaves and bark, chestnut shells. However, the recommendations described are more about prevention of prostatitis in men than treatment. Folk methods can keep you healthy and happy for longer.

All methods of preventing and treating prostatitis are effective in combination, and there is no immediate effect with either drug, so it is very important that they are best used in combination - follow your doctor's instructions.