Device for treating prostatitis: indications, contraindications, device type

Prostatitis is a disease that can infect men at almost any age. This problem is quite intimate, so patients often start acute or chronic forms of prostatitis, or start self-medication. However, this method is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary to see a doctor, but the accompanying equipment, such as equipment for treating prostatitis, can be used for complex treatments with the permission of the doctor.

Normal and inflamed prostate


When buying home equipment for treatment, patients usually do not think that the equipment is not suitable for everyone.This is not a slot machine, so the recovery process using this machine should be treated like a treatment.

The device is suitable for the following types of patients:

  • In the initial stage
  • Violation of blood flow in the small pelvis.

In all other cases, equipment as a treatment has its place, but only in an integrated approach can treatment be considered effective.


Any impact of hardware on human systems without professional knowledge may be destructive, so you should consult an expert or doctor before using it, and be sure to read the instructions for use. Please remember that you are personally responsible for the consequences if you independently decide to use the device.

There are also contraindications for the treatment of prostatitis:

  • Any form of hemorrhoids;
  • Damage to the operating area of the equipment;
  • Oncology
  • Circulatory system disorders;
  • Prostate stones;
  • Deterioration of the prostate or urinary system.
In the case of prostate cancer, the use of equipment for the treatment of prostatitis is prohibited

Device type

Home appliances are divided into three groups-Rectal, transurethral, non-invasive. . . There are 4 ways to affect the prostate:

  • Magnetic pulse
  • Electric pulse
  • Vibration stimulation
  • Ultrasound.

Each organ, no matter what the group, acts on the meridians, so the stagnation is broken, the secretion is released, and the edema is eliminated.

Vibration stimulation

One popular household appliance used to treat prostatitis is a vibration stimulator. The device works transrectally. At home, it is very convenient because it is equipped with a timer, which is not only helpful for prostatitis.

The working principle is that the device emits heat, thereby activating local blood circulation in the prostate.

After the blood circulation is normalized, the secretion flows out, resulting in reduction of congestion and inflammation. Therefore, the urethra returns to normal, eliminating all kinds of cramps and pain.

Electrical stimulation

The most popular electrical stimulation device improves blood flow in the prostate, removes stagnant secretions, and opens the urethra, which helps to alleviate the inflammatory process.

The device has some contraindications:

  • Any circulatory system disease;
  • Complications of any disease;
  • The patient's pacemaker.

People who have no contraindications can use a 15-minute course of treatment once a day for 10 consecutive days, after which they can rest for a period of time. If the condition improves, they can continue to take it.

Magnetic therapy

The magnetic therapy device is considered to be the most effective device, because after the third use, the patient feels that his condition has improved significantly. The device works due to the magnetic field and vacuum. Under the influence of the device, the blood microcirculation of the small pelvis is improved, and the prostate tissue is also massaged. Therefore, the secret of stagnation gradually disappears, inflammation decreases, the number of damaged cells and tissues decreases, and they are restored.

The device is good because it can be easily used independently at home, and there are no absolute contraindications.


One of the vacuum-acting devices is a device that works slightly differently than previous devices. Here, the device is placed on the penis and exposed to a predetermined pressure-vacuum and magnetic field.

The vacuum action gives the following results:

  • Improve the microcirculation of glandular blood circulation;
  • Remove tissue swelling;
  • A stagnant secret departure;
  • Resume painless urination.

The device can be used for its intended purpose at home, but before using it, you need to choose the intensity of use with an expert.The main course of physical therapy is 10 days, but you can add it later if you want.


Devices that have a vibrating effect on the prostate operate in three main directions.

  1. Reduce hypoxia caused by magnetic radiation, thereby stimulating cell metabolism;
  2. Perform micro massage to improve the outflow of lymph fluid and gradually provide normal blood supply to the organs;
  3. Leaving secretly, the glands returned to normal.

The device has contraindications for independent use at home:

  • Tumors of the prostate and nearby organs;
  • Circulatory system disease;
  • The acute form of the disease;
  • The presence of prostate stones;
  • The patient's pacemaker.

The device can be reused 10 times in two months. It should also be used on an empty stomach and with medications prescribed by a urologist, which can increase the efficiency of using the device.


Of course, the device can only be used for its intended purpose, but there are some other restrictions:

  • Improper use.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any equipment in the exacerbated and acute form of prostatitis. In addition, you cannot use it in the acute form of other diseases of the prostate.
  • It is forbidden to use this device to treat any form of tuberculosis.
  • It is forbidden to be used for cancer of pelvic organs: rectum, prostate.
  • The use of equipment to treat inflammation of the rectum, lymph nodes, cracks, and hemorrhoids is unacceptable.
  • If the patient has a pacemaker, some devices will not be available.
  • Do not use equipment for the treatment of circulatory diseases.
  • The presence of stones in the prostate is also an important limitation.
The presence of stones in the prostate limits the use of the device

Any restrictions should not be ignored, because use in the presence of contraindications can cause other diseases, inflammation, and even surgical intervention.

Instrument selection

Maybe you like comments on the Internet or any device that is spread by word of mouth. However, you cannot rush to the pharmacy and buy via the Internet with your eyes closed. Please consult your doctor before buying. Yes, this topic is quite intimate and delicate, but with reluctance and embarrassment, the man began to solve the problem, and later without any equipment to help, the problem was solved by surgery.

The choice of equipment should conform to the individual characteristics of a particular male body. Therefore, only qualified experts can choose this equipment.

The result of using the device

Any selected equipment has roughly the same range of action.

  1. Improve the blood supply to the prostate and pelvic organs.
  2. Due to their influence, the stagnant secretions and accumulated fluids are eliminated.
  3. Therefore, the inflammatory process disappears and the tissue swelling disappears.
  4. Reduce swelling of prostate tissue and urethra.
  5. Muscles are exercised, and they are stimulated for productive work.
  6. Urination returns to normal because the pain and urination problems are eliminated.
  7. Resume erection and ejaculation, so that men’s sex life returns to normal.
  8. The patient's mental state has also returned to normal.
Using machines to treat prostatitis can improve men’s erections and sexual life

It is worth remembering that you are responsible for using any equipment without consulting a doctor. The consequences of wrongly selected equipment or improper operation may lead to worsening of the disease and acceleration of the disease process.

Discuss with your healthcare professional which device is right for your specific situation and if there is any valuable guidance on how to best use it.These devices can only be used for complex treatments. If there is no treatment, the expected effect induced by the drug using the device alone will not appear.

In any case, you should not ignore the almost inaudible symptoms of prostatitis, because chronic diseases may be completely asymptomatic and may bring unpleasant surprises to men. When the first symptoms or prompts appear, consult a specialist.

  1. Pain during urination and defecation;
  2. Increased urge to go to the bathroom, especially at night;
  3. Weak current
  4. Incomplete emptying of the bladder;
  5. Erection and ejaculation problems;
  6. Decreased quality of sexual intercourse;
  7. Irritability, fatigue, nervousness;
  8. Decreased libido.

If you have one or more symptoms, please make an appointment with your doctor and do not delay your consultation. Take care of yourself and health!