How to treat prostatitis

Prostatitis-Although prostatitis and prostate adenoma are benign tumors, dangerous complications are the most common male diseases. These diseases have been known for a long time, and naturally there are many treatments.

Symptoms of a person's prostatitis

But Russian men have become accustomed to dismissing their health. They endure the pain and problems of urination, hoping that everything will pass, but they don't go to a urologist. They worry about the safety of treatment and the threat of surgery.

It is worth mentioning that surgical intervention is already an extreme situation, for example, acute retention of urine or purulent prostatitis.

This may happen many years after accidental intercourse, or the patient himself may cause the infection to spread. Because some are self-medication-they started taking antibiotics and doing massages.

But drugs can only temporarily suppress inflammation, and perineal massage can promote the spread of purulent infections throughout the body. Therefore, every man should pay attention to health issues and see a doctor regularly (every six months or once a year)-this is an effective opposition to prostatitis.

The question may arise: Why do many people fail to benefit from the conventional treatment of prostatitis? This suggests that treatment should start with finding the root cause of the disease, especially if the disease progresses slowly, there are no symptoms and there is a so-called recovery period.

If the nature of the disease is contagious, the harmful bacteria will only be suppressed by the drug, but will not be killed at all and gain resistance to the drug.

Hypothermia, a sedentary lifestyle, diabetes, stress, and food and drink abuse can exacerbate chronic prostatitis.

Therefore, only a urologist who has completed an ultrasound and special examination of the prostate can determine which microorganisms will be destroyed. In addition, blood tests are required to identify oncology threats.

Treat prostatitis with herbal preparations

In modern medicine, there are many chemicals that can be used to treat the prostate. Some reduce its size, others relax the surrounding muscles and urethra.

The bad news is that all drugs have side effects, and long-term use is not good for patients. Appetite may disappear, pain on the right side, and stool disorder. Instead of treatment, body poisoning occurs.

Therefore, doctors are now trying to prescribe herbal preparations more frequently, which are more effective and safer. We can recommend a compound with the following ingredients: extracts of knotweed, arrow grass, plantain, St. John's wort, sweet clover; birch leaves, bilberry; marigold flowers; rosehip elemi root, Root of dandelion; poplar bark. These herbal preparations are designed to treat male diseases. According to the recommended protocol, all drugs can be used simultaneously for 4 weeks.